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I believe that reincarnation is an entirely logical possibility. Our DNA has inscribed on it our genetic makeup, and this particular genetic makeup is compiled of the genetic makeup in your entire family lineage, which can all date back to the beginning of man. So we are all made up of the original evolution of man, which has replicated itself throughout time and space. Every single person on the planet has genetic link to past present and future, so your brain and body are just an echo of the original evolution into homosapien life. The beauty is that your brain and "soul" is the repetition of all the "souls" that make up "you" until this point. In conclusion reproduction is the evolution of the "soul", everyone alive today is a mixture and reincarnation of everyone in the past, and in theory with 100% brain control we would be able to refer to all human life past and present in order to influence our decision making for the "now". It should also be taken literally that "you are born with all of the knowledge that your parents have obtained in their lifetime".
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