:: still walking with a bullet in my brain :: (ex_i_need_r) wrote in postit420,
:: still walking with a bullet in my brain ::

does anyone know that this is called, or does it even have a name?
sometimes when i would smoke a joint with my boyfriend, he would do this. he'd take a hit, but not exhale the smoke until i took a hit, but while i was taking a hit off the joint, he's put his mouth around the lit end and exhale his smoke, so i'd be inhaling that in and be taking a hit at the same time. did i explain that well? it feels like it didnt make sense.... anyway, if anyone knows what i'm talking about and knows what its called, that would be so cool, thanks! =)

by the way, if anyone is in damnportlanders check out my latest post on that community, i promise it will be worth it *wink
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